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I help investors and executives turn their service delivery capability into a competitive advantage.

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Dave has successfully led and coached DevOps transformations and operational maturity achievement at companies like Salesforce, Barracuda Networks, Cable & Wireless, MeridianLink, and SolarWinds.

Not content to work only with unicorns, Dave has tackled some of the major cultural and structural impediments to Dev and Ops collaboration. He has successfully helped transform organizations to new models of service delivery, resulting in cost reductions, resiliency, efficiency, and much better ability to compete in the market.

Between those and his best-selling video course, Mastering DevOps, he's improved the lives of thousands of IT professionals around the world.


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97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know, O'Reilly
Seeking SRE, O'Reilly
An Unlikey Union: DevOps and Audit

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The DevOps Handbook
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"Few consultants have the ability to help you get where you want technologically as well as to truly improve your team itself."(link)
-Nathaniel Barnes, CTO, MeridianLink

"one of the things that impressed us most was how Dave worked with and engaged various leaders within the company..."(link)
-Simon Yeo, CIO, Barracuda

"Half hour later I had to be part of the group listening to you."(link)
-Cloud Engineer

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Gene Kim, author, The Unicorn Project, The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook, Beyond the Phoenix Project, Accelerate, The Visible Ops Handbook, and Visible Ops Security

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Jez Humble, author, Continuous Delivery, Lean Enterprise, The DevOps Handbook, and Accelerate

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Whether a benchmark of your current service delivery maturity or to evaluate a company for M&A purposes, the flat fee, standardized, Service Delivery Assessment identifies the current company maturity, and a playbook of capabilities necessary to achieve service delivery excellence.


Turn a talented ops team into a world class ops team with access to, and regular meetings with, architect level SREs. Limited availability. Details here.


Custom consulting engagements to help your organization achieve operations and engineering excellence and satisfaction in service delivery. Including but not limited to: value streams, Agile, distributed teams, monitoring, incident response, retrospectives, project implementation.

Speaking Engagements

Custom speaking engagements for your organization about Operations and DevOps principles. Exploratory conversation included to uncover topics most relevant. Example Topics.

Service Delivery Assessment

““It is not big beating the small anymore, instead it is fast beating the slow.”
- Gene Kim, author, The Phoenix Project.

Will your business be able to stay ahead of the competition? Will it be able to grow at the speed that's required?

You've acquired a company, you're a new C-level at a company, or you're evaluating a company, and things just seem to be moving too slowly. The software engineers always seem busy, but features are just not making it into the hands of your customers fast enough, there are quality problems, or the site seems to be down, often. You know that delivering software isn't supposed to be this hard, but can't quite put your finger on what is holding the organization back.

Competitors seem to be releasing new features and press releases all the time, but this company seems to be spending plenty of money and feels like it's walking in sand.

Know exactly what is holding back software delivery

“Our highest performers are twice as likely to meet or exceed their organizational performance goals.”
-2019 DORA Research State of DevOps Report

In less than two weeks you can have a standardized custom report that details how an organization delivers and operates software compared to others like them with a specific improvement playbook detailing what to improve upon to be a highest performer.

Fully Remote (Zoom)Approximately 1 hr interview for each software delivery pipeline (max 2), to fully understand both the software and infrastructure delivery pipelines, as well as incident responseAdditional 30 minutes with engineering leadership to talk about the cultural environment in which engineers operate
Custom report delivered electronically detailing the current state as well as an improvement playbook!30 minute meeting to review findings, answer questions, and give suggestions to maximize the value of the assessment

Assessment Report Example

Schedule an Assessment Information Session

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If after receiving and discussing the custom report you don't feel that our assessment and suggestions are reflective of your organization, we'll refund your payment in full.

How do you know what it takes to improve my software delivery?

From the largest enterprise software companies like Salesforce, to fintech companies, security companies, and high scale transactions, Dave Mangot is a globally recognized DevOps and transformation expert with decades of experience.

Engineering leaders and the world's most recognized names in DevOps agree on his expertise.

Assessment Report Example

What are some other options?

Do it yourself
Pros: If you have the time and spare resourcesCons: We do this multiples times a month, are an independent 3rd party, have 40+ years of combined experience, nothing to compare your results to
Do it via a survey
Pros: CheaperCons: Takes longer, no actionable items, doesn’t account for acquisitions, variations, etc.
Install a measurement tool
Pros: Continually measuresCons: Can’t measure things like time to recover, hard to interpret, lines of code not a good proxy for architecture level criteria, doesn't account for acquisitions, variations, etc.
I still have questions!
Still have questions? No problem! Please send us an email at

The only company offering a standardized assessment of Service Delivery capabilities that shows you where you compare to other companies like you, other portfolio companies, etc. based on the experience of working with and improving service delivery for companies globally since the inception of the DevOps movement.

Schedule an Assessment Information Session

This is a great way for us to get to know companies, and for them to get to know us. We spend the rest of our time helping companies get better at delivering software. As a result, we only have limited spots available each month to perform assessments in addition to working with our regular clients.