• Your software company's growth has outpaced its software delivery maturity

  • You are or have acquired an on-prem company and you need to create a SaaS

  • You and your developers want to go fast but Ops is asking them to open more tickets

I help private equity portfolio companies maximize growth during the holding period using their technology organization.

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I have successfully led and coached DevOps transformations and operational maturity achievement at companies like Salesforce, Barracuda Networks, Cable & Wireless, MeridianLink, and SolarWinds.Despite being a Silicon Valley veteran, I'm not content to work only with unicorns, and have tackled some of the major cultural and structural impediments to Dev and Ops collaboration. I have successfully helped transform organizations to new models of service delivery, resulting in reduced customer churn, faster time to delivery, resiliency, efficiency, and increased ability to compete in the market.Between those and my best-selling video course, Mastering DevOps, I have improved the lives of thousands of IT professionals around the world.


Mastering DevOps Packt Publishing



97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know, O'Reilly
Seeking SRE, O'Reilly
An Unlikey Union: DevOps and Audit

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The DevOps Handbook
Monitoring with Ganglia

Public and Private speaking information can be found on the Speaking page I have also been a guest on a number of podcasts (and growing) which can be found on the Podcasts page.


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Gene Kim, author, The Unicorn Project, The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook, Beyond the Phoenix Project, Accelerate, The Visible Ops Handbook, and Visible Ops Security

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Jez Humble, author, Continuous Delivery, Lean Enterprise, The DevOps Handbook, and Accelerate

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From small portfolio add-ons to large public companies, the flat fee, standardized, interview-based Service Delivery Assessment helps you understand what you are doing well, but also provides a detailed discussion with specific recommendations, of capabilities to be improved, backed by the science of the Accelerate metrics.

Advisory Retainer

You want to help your lower middle market engineering teams to succeed with a trusted advisor who's been there before. Getting to know that company helps me help those leaders understand and improve their service delivery systems.After an initial kickoff, leaders have access to a dedicated Slack channel for any questions as well as regularly scheduled meetings to discuss challenges and progress. After two quarters, they are much better at applying DevOps principles to get outstanding results. Quarterly, limited availability.


Custom consulting engagements to help you and your organization take advantage of the DevOps movement to achieve service delivery excellence by shipping more often and more confidently across the board. Including but not limited to: value streams, Agile, distributed teams, monitoring, incident response, retrospectives, project implementation.

Speaking Engagements

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LSPE Meetup Talk

"You were among the top 2 rated speakers- yet again! Thanks so much for participating and for another great presentation." - Top 10 Private Equity Operating Partner

I'm available for speaking with your investments or at your portfolio conference.

In addition to the topics above I've given custom private talks about how SRE fits in with the engineering organization, metrics driven development, managing work in progress, migration to cloud, and more. Internal DevOpsDays are a specialty including participating in Open Spaces and meeting with primary stakeholders.
We'll sit down and have a conversation about the most appropriate topics to maximize the impact and value. More examples here.

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